Welcome to Desertando®.

Desertando® is not just a travel agency, it's a club, a club of dreamers with one characteristic in common: one day we decided to leave (almost) everything behind in order to follow our great passionAfrica and its deserts.

We search and unite fellow travellers. Friends who feel the need to turn those long-delayed adventures into reality.

If you dream of discovering the lost oasis of ZerzuraThe caravans, following in the footsteps of the old caravans of the salt routes or, simply, sleeping among the dunes and under the stars... this is your club too.

We have been travelling through deserts, jungles and mountains all over Africa for years. Our goal is to travel every hamada o erg of the desert, bathing in lost oasesscaling the mountains and the volcanoes to visit each village and get to know its people... and we want you to join us.

You will see landscapes as incredible as they are unexpected, wildlife and very different cultures...you will live the adventure!



A free spirit far removed from computer technologies. For more than 20 years, he has been travelling the African deserts, especially the Sahara territories, which is where he likes to be the most. His longed-for paradise is in the mountains of northern Chad, in the middle of the desert.


Some time ago he decided to change the direction of his life and set off on an African adventure. He says Namibia is his favourite place to get lost, he knows the best Moroccan roads for motorbikes and his strong point is 4×4 driving.


Restless by nature, Rafa is the first to set foot in Africa. Deserts are his great passion and before returning from one trip he is already thinking about going back for the next. He is a great connoisseur of the Sahara and Kalahari deserts.

    Partners and guides


Barry is from Gambia. He lives in a very special place, next to the Baobab Island. Come with him to discover the most hidden corners of Gambia, Senegal and the Guineas until you reach the sources of the Niger. But don't let him dance...


Ali de Erfoud, next to the great dune of Merzouga.
Brother of Moubarak. Good guide and better driver; especially with the 4×4 in the dunes. Although his strongest point is his friendliness, even though his jokes are very old...


Moubarak, from Erfoud, Ali's brother.
He is probably the best guide in southern Morocco. There are not many places that escape him, although he likes the great dune of Merzouga a little too much. He's fast, efficient, friendly and, what's more, he makes a very good cous cous. In short, a gem...


Moulay is our specialist in Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin.
A guide with many resources and contacts, he can open the way to Timbuktu on a pinnace on the Niger, find the most hidden fortresses of the Somba people in Benin or take you to the most authentic place in Cotonou.


Beatus, our man in Tanzania.
A great tracker and connoisseur of wildlife, he is a sure bet for locating the big five, especially in the more solitary southern wilderness parks.

And what's more, you'll get to know some incredible places all over the country, landscapes, restaurants, markets, bars...


Mohamed and his team are a group of Tuaregs who grew up in the oasis of Djanet, an oasis at the foot of the most beautiful desert in the world, the Tassili-Najjer. For many years they have been moving freely in their 4×4 vehicles through the great Algerian desert. Come and discover with them the most hidden corners of the desert. Live the adventure...


Issa is from Mohamed's Tuareg group.
Like the rest of the group, Issa is a Tuareg from the oasis of Djanet in the Tassili-Naijer Desert and a specialist in driving the 4×4 in this great desert. Don't miss the opportunity to live this experience hand in hand with the authentic blue men...


Mohamed Aoun lives in Douz, on the edge of the Tunisian desert and, as far as he can remember, his life has been spent moving freely through it, from the vastness of the Chot el Jeridd to the mountain oases of Chebika.


Neelo is our main support for Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. A former ranger at the Boteti River Camp Reserve, between the Okavango and the Makgadikgadi Salt Flat, he is used to elephants, zebras and hyenas roaming around his house. Used to elephants, zebras or hyenas roaming around his house, he is an essential guide for a good safari...


Lesh is another of our local guides in Botswana. He lives in paradise, in a small eco-lodge in the shade of huge baobabs on the edge of the Ntwe Ntwe salt pan in Makgadikgadi. Even the meerkats know him there and have become accustomed to him.


Mustapha lives in an amazing house overlooking the palm grove of Agdz that he built himself. He always greets you with a big smile, green tea and a few songs playing the kora. A delight, always, to share some time with our great friend.

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