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If you have any queries, you can contact our Customer Service by sending an email to the following address or by calling 608 76 29 62


What is Desertando?

Desertando is a travel agency specialising in adventure tours throughout Africa and especially in its deserts. The routes are unique and, as far as possible, off the beaten track. In addition, most of the routes are private, so they are ideal for couples, families or groups of friends who want to feel the adventure.

Likewise, the routes are carefully designed to satisfy the travellers. If anything defines Desertando routes, it is innovation, service and above all exclusivity. In fact, not only will we propose the adventure that best suits your wishes, but, if you wish, we will also involve you in the design of some aspects of the selected route.

In addition, Desertando is committed to respecting nature, cultures and the different tribes that inhabit this fantastic continent. Desertando carries out different solidarity actions in different areas where it operates its routes and also offers its clients the possibility to collaborate.


How do I book my trip?

On our website you will find some of our main routes to give you an idea of all of them. Once you have found the one that most closely matches your wishes, please contact our customer service at to get your personalised proposal.

Our product is specialised in medium and long-haul destinations and classified according to the geographical area of Africa.

Although we focus on routes from arrival to destination, we can also assist you in purchasing the flight that best suits your situation.

We recommend you to send us your contact email to receive periodically our news and routes highlights.


How do I pay for my trip?

Payment must be made by bank transfer to the name of:

Desertando club de aventuras S.L. IBAN ES2100730100530505018214

To formalise your booking you must pay 40% of the total amount. The remaining 60% must be paid 30 days before the start of the trip. In case you also ask us for the air ticket, this must be paid in full before the departure date.


When will I receive my travel documents?

Once the purchase has been completed, you will receive your travel documents (technical data sheet, contract and assistance insurance policy) at the email address you provide.

In case your booking includes flights, you will receive the e-tickets once they are issued by the airline.


Can I change my booking?

If you wish to request a change in your booking, you must send us the request by email to indicating your travel number. We will let you know if the modification or cancellation is possible after consultation with the suppliers, as well as the steps to follow in case they allow us to do so.

We cannot guarantee that all bookings can be modified, however, we will do our best to facilitate our clients' requests. In any case, booking modifications made by the client may incur an additional cost.

The modification of a reservation including an airline ticket involves a charge of 100% of the ticket price in most cases.


Does my trip include assistance insurance?

Travel assistance insurance is compulsory for all trips. The price of the trips includes this policy from the date of departure to the date of return to the destination, both included.

If insurance is not required, the traveller must provide documentary proof of being in possession of insurance valid during the dates of the trip and with the minimum coverage that makes the issuance of an additional policy unnecessary.


Do guides and destination staff speak languages?

All the people working with Desertando in the host countries are of the highest trustworthiness and have been accredited for several years. Most of the driver/guides, local receptive staff, speak Spanish, English and/or French, adapting to the needs of the travellers.

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