The lost world of Tassili


They say that in the heart of the Sahara is one of the most incredible and mysterious places in the world. Earth. A place so inaccessible that only the wind can reach it and that, behind the immense sea of sand that protects it, lies an unreal landscape, with volcanic mountains, deep gorges and a landscape tormented by the wind. A relentless wind that drags the sand of the soft, curved dunes of Moul N'agga or the pink ones of Tin Merzouga producing a permanent and capricious erosion as it strikes against the strange formations of the Tadrart. A lost world.

A place that thousands of years ago was an orchard where antelopes, giraffes, elephants and leopards roamed, with rivers infested with crocodiles and hippos. That the stones say so.

Come with us to the Djanet OasisThe caravan route, in the middle of the caravan route, passes through the great erg of D'admertravels through the incredible desert of Tin Gharghar and get lost in the labyrinth of peaks of Tamezguida. Camp in incredible places, sheltered from the winds and under the best starry sky in the world in the company of our team. touareg. Enjoy a meal by the fire of Issathe desert stories of Mohamed and the music of Moussa.

This is the adventure we propose to you.

Day 1: Arrival in Djanet

Day 2: Imaharhaten - Oued in-Djaran (PC)

Day 3: Tamezguida, Tehe Tahoussait Caves - Moul'Enanga (PC)

Day 4: In-Zaouaten - In-Tehak - Ekanasai (PC)

Day 5: Tim Merzouga (PC)

Day 6: Oaun Naguen - Bouhidien - Tehe Tahossaite (PC)

Day 7: Tassili Tin Zirene - Tegharghate - Djanet (PC)

Day 8: Transfer to the airport


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Duration of the trip: 8 days


1.110€ per traveller Group of 4 persons
Airfares vary depending on the season and how far in advance they are purchased. Desertando helps you to find the best flights for this trip and we take care of their management if you request it.

Subject to Desertando® general terms and conditions


INCLUDES: reception in Djanettransfers in 4×4, extra catering car (from 4 people), fuel, driver, cook, guide with assistants (touaregs), 6 nights' accommodation and meals according to the programme. Assistance insurance.


NOT INCLUDED: international and domestic flights, Spanish guide (optional), bottled beverages, tips, local taxes, visas, other optional activities and any other service not mentioned in the INCLUDED section.



  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity and issued visa (we help you with the invitation letter for the visa).
  • Sleeping bag and mattress required.
  • No mandatory vaccinations are required. Tetanus and typhoid are recommended.
  • Depending on the season, it can get cooler at night in the desert.

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