Saharan Africa

The Sahara o Bahr Bela mathe "waterless sea"as it was called by the ancient caravaneers, is the desert par excellence, the largest and most extreme in climate than the desert of Namib or that of the Gobi and the mere mention of which is enough to fill our imagination with legends, wonders and mysteries, as well as to provoke a desire for adventure.

Desires that drive us to follow in the footsteps of those explorers like Heinrich Barth, Alex Gordon, Renéa Caillie, Clayton, Bagnold o Monodwho made our way through the remote oases of the Ametlichcrossing seas of infinite dunes like the great Erg de Bilmaactive volcanoes in the Tibesti and reached unimaginable lakes such as those at UbariThey crossed massifs such as the Hoggar with rock formations difficult to describe, emerging from between the dunes or Martian landscapes of insulting beauty such as the Tassili N'Ajjer. And they crossed lands controlled by tubus, hausa, peul, dogon, tuareg, fulani.

But the Sahara not only offers us unique and incredible landscapes, but also attracts us with its millenary culture. Ennedi, Akakus o Gilf el Kebir are the largest open-air rock art museums. Next to the mountains of Akakus the kingdom of the Garamantesthe lost civilisation of the Saharawhich controlled the trade routes to the desert.

Straddling these routes, among the dunes, emerged the great empires of Mali, Ghana, Songhay o Kanem Bornu and legendary cities were born, such as Tombuktu, Djenne, Gao o Walatta.

Each of the areas of the Sahara has a special magnetism, that's why we need to come back again and again, to enjoy again the infinite silence sitting by the fire between the dunes of the Ténéréunder a starry sky that cleanses the mind and fills the soul with sensations.

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