East Africa

Away from the beaten tourist track, there are some of the best kept secrets of the East Africa And despite the physical demands they make, or perhaps because of them, they exert an irresistible attraction on us.

From all these places we have chosen three very special deserts that are totally different from each other: the Danakil, the Chalbi desert y Gilf el Kebir. The explorer Wilfred Thessiger described the Danakil as a land of terror, hardship and death and, although we give somewhat more guarantees and comforts, in the heart of this desert awaits us the hottest place on earth, with active volcanoes, endless plains of burning salt and scorched sand; but also unimaginable surprises like the bizarre formations of the Lake Abbethe colourful Dallol or the salt caravans of the afar.

Further south, in the same Rift Valleyis the desert of Chalbiwhose white sands contrast with the jade-green of the Lake Turkanaanother extravagance of nature.

Despite being one of the most desolate places on the planet, it is home to the turkana with the rendilleThe pokot and the el-molowho make their living from fishing in one of the largest crocodile colonies in the world. Nile.

The third desert selected represents our quintessential adventure ideal. The 40-day route linking Egypt with Sudan through Jebel Uweinat and the desert of Gilf el Kebir. It is home to one of the largest concentrations of cave paintings in the world, but also, among the oases of Bahariya, Farafra o Dakhla and its archaeological remains, we will be able to travel through the whimsical white desert and black desert before reaching the red dunes of Gilf el Kebirwhere lies hidden the oasis of Zerzura that they sought for so long Bagnold and the Count Almasy.

This is the ideal of adventure that seduces us and this is the adventure that Desertando wants to share with you.

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