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Along the way we have made countless friends, peuls, himbas, masais, afar o tubus. With all of them we have shared unforgettable moments and, in each village, we have left part of our heart. We are now parishioners of that church in the north of Tanzania, adopted children of a lost village in the desert of the Ametlichfans of the football team of a local school. Kalahari or faithful friends of Modou and their children on the banks of the Gambia. In some of these projects, we are happy to put our "hands on the ground".grain of sand"..


In the Kalahari Desert, near the small village of Gweta, there is a team of kids who are a joy to watch play football. After walking several kilometres from school, they gather on the outskirts of the village to play the beautiful game. They're real freaks and, despite everything they lack, they combine joy with stamina and good play, they know how to sweat it out. That's why we are delighted to have supported them with a kit.

On the next trip we will challenge them to a match. Who said fear....?

And then we will celebrate a third time with a barbecue in the ecolodge that Lesh, their coach, has set up, whom we also have the pleasure of supporting so that he can continue to look after these champions. Let's see who's up for it!


Another project that we would like to be able to support more strongly is that of our friend Barry in Gambia.

Barry is a great entrepreneur, with an always active and positive spirit, and he is overcoming all the difficulties he encounters to create an ecolodge by the Gambia River in the sacred forest of Makasutu.

The best thing is the enthusiasm they put in and, as they have very little to offer, every time we go they thank us with a good barbecue, guaranteed laughter and lots of inimitable dancing without breaking anything.

One day they will manage to finish it and we would love you to come and meet them. I'm sure you would support them!

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