North Africa

Some of the most attractive routes are located close by, on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, the Bahr el Abied al Mutawasat o "that white sea in between"as they call it over there. A sea that separates two worlds so different and so close.

An unbeatable opportunity to embark on a great adventure that will take us to places as different as the sea of dunes of the Erg Chegaga in Morocco, the rock labyrinth of the lost city of Sefar at Algeria or to the chebika mountain oasis in southern Tunisia.

Places steeped in beauty and history, as witnessed by the countless cave paintings on the rocks of the tassiliThe vestiges of a flourishing era, the caravansarays from Agdz in the middle of the caravan route or the forts of the Roman legions on the dunes of the kasar Ghilanein the former limexthe frontier of the unknown.

History, gastronomy, dream places and breathtaking landscapes are just some of the surprises that await us along these routes. It is the desert at our doorstep.

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