El lago Um al Maa

Week and a bit of quarantine

And this is passing me by very quickly....

I am not sure where I will go when I fully recover and finish my confinement, but what I do know for sure is that I will go straight back to the desert, I will get lost in some corner of the Sahara, I will look for some hidden, dangerous and distant place...

I will return to the endless roads, to the starry nights, to the smell of the acacia fire... I will live the adventure again. I will flee far away

And never ever again will such a situation catch me at home, inshaallah.

I can think of one place I could go, I've never told anyone I've been there, in fact, it's my worst kept secret. But it has it all, adventure, danger, incredible landscapes, camaraderie, palm trees, water and dunes.

It is the Um al Maa lake, the mother of water, the mother of many adventures...



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